I first came to Jennifer for acupuncture and toxicity test and for help with food cravings. I had also heard that she has a wonderful weight loss program. As an active gym member for many years, I had tried diet pills, and had a variety of meal plans but just could not take the belly fat off my tummy.

She was very nice and professional as she ran some initial toxicity tests to review my general health. I was amazed at how detailed the reports were and how inexpensive the tests were. My primary doctor has never reviewed this type of information with me before. It sure was worth it.

Well, I am proud to say that the weight loss program worked above and beyond my expectations. I lost 5 inches off my abdomen area. I have dropped down one dress size and am now a size 7 and lost 5 pounds of body fat.

I cannot believe how many people have complimented me on my weight loss. This program teaches you how to eat better, feel better, live better and by doing it with the Lapex program, no surgery, no pain, no diet pills and best of all it’s so EASY!!

Thank you for helping me achieve my goal in targeting my belly fat on my abdomen (5 inches) and helping me lose the awful food cravings, lower my BMI, feeling and looking great. I will definitely come back to you again in the near future to treat an additional area ….possibly my thighs because the holidays are coming up! — Diane M, Davis, CA

Through acupuncture and nutritional support, Jennifer has improved the physical well being of my entire family. My husband now walks easily and is practically pain free at all times. My daughter is more relaxed and Jennifer has dramatically reduced her tension, jitters, and stress. And I feel like a new person! — Mary Currey, Fair Oaks

I have suffered from fibromyalgia for 20 years with constant pain n my eyes, neck and between my shoulders accompanied by frequent headaches. I often felt like I had the flue. During my first acupuncture treatment I had so much pain released that I felt 50% better. With continuing treatment , my condition has continued to improve and now I feel that I am 80% better than when I first came in. This is incredible to me! You have helped me so much with your detox program and nutritional supplements too. I am so very grateful to you for helping to greatly improve my quality of life! — Glenna Wood

I had back pain for over a year, and upon receiving treatment from you, the pain was reduced by over 90%. My follow-up treatments entirely alleviated the problem. Thank you so much! — Leo Daugherty, Sacramento

I received acupuncture treatments from you for ten weeks. During this time, my appetite has improved, my anxiety has diminished, and I'm sleeping better than I have for years. Although I had initial apprehensions about the use of needles, I found the treatments to be very relaxing with almost no discomfort. — Rick Carlile, Carmichael

I was having pain and stiffness in my right hip, and your first treatment was limited to my right ear. I thought this was odd, but kept an open mind. Later that night, the pain was worse, but incredibly, the next morning the symptoms had almost disappeared! Subsequent treatments have been equally beneficial to my neck and shoulders. I am able to move my neck from side to side with ease, I fall asleep quickly and am sleeping better! Your treatment approach and knowledge are outstanding. Thank you for significantly improving the quality of my life. — Chuck Najarian, Carmichael

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